The kingdom of Crieffa.

Population: 140,000, Human, Wood Elf
Capital City: Crieffa City

Crieffa is a kingdom in Meria, located directly south of Arctus. The armies of the nation have slowly been moving northward, creating tension between Crieffa and Arctus. The Crieffans believe that the towns of Marver and Wayfield would be protected much better under their rule, but there is much work to be done to convince them.

The north of Crieffa is cold and dry, situated partly in the hills. Towards the southwest, it becomes much more temperate, with forests and swamps marking the landscape. The fields to the south are great for agriculture, and provide much of the food sources necessary for life in Crieffa to thrive.


Terra’s Mantle
Spiritstone Chapel Northern College
Stirrn’s Guard Lakeside Tower
Crieffa City Capital City
Loria’s Farm Central Farm
Frendelly Central Settlement
Desser Southern Village


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