The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a group of deities worshipped on Meria.


Adriel, Goddess of Wisdom and knowledge.
Basta, Goddess of Dexterity, flexibility and luck.
Nethumdir, God of Charisma and love.
Romamel, God of Constitution, medicine, and healing.
Tethera, Goddess of Intelligence and skill.
Vulerim, God of Strength and force.

Minor Deities

It is known that there are many demigods and demigoddesses that are worshiped along with the gods, but they vary from culture to culture.

Telona, Goddess of disease and decay.
Sel√Ľne, Goddess of the night, moon and stars.
Moradin, God of creation, revered among mountain dwarves.

The Pantheon

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